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Since the early 80’s, SOURIAU is a major supplier of 38999 Series III, the screw-coupled version of MIL-C-38999. Present on the main international programs, Souriau has developed a range of products that meet the performance required in extreme environments. This product family is in accordance with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, EN 3645, CECC (standard for bronze shell), ... and also meets many customers’ standards (Rolls Royce, ABS, BACC, ...)

This evolution of MIL-C-38999 allows:

  • A high contact density up to 128 contacts #22D
  • A quick screw coupling with self locking mechanism
  • High resistance to harsh environments (vibration, 200°C)
  • Always at the cutting edge of innovation, Souriau’s teams have continuously improved this range of connectors:
  • Composite version in the 90’s (Its choice is recommended wherever weight is critical)
  • Titanium version for weight saving and very high and mechanical resistance
  • Today SOURIAU remains innovative with cadmium free and RoHS solutions.

In 2009 Souriau was the first to be QPL qualified for Zinc Nickel plating.

High contact density layouts available:

  • Screw coupling, Shell size from 9 to 25
  • Contact protection: 100% Scoop proof
  • Protected by cadmium, nickel, green zinc cobalt or black zinc nickel plating
  • RFI - EMI shielding and shell to shell continuity
  • Accessories (protective caps, backshells, etc… )
  • Hermetic versions
  • High power up to 850A
  • Optical layouts
  • 230V layouts available (ABS22-19, ABS22-20, ABS22-21 & ABS22-22 qualified)


  • MIL-DTL-38999 Series III
  • EN3645