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Quadrax (Ethernet)

Today’s technology for Aeronautic and Military equipment is more and more complex, requiring the management of an increasing flow of information at greater speeds. In response to this need, SOURIAU offers a wide range of electrical and fi ber optic solutions for high speed networksin harsh environments. These solutions can handle data speeds from several Mbit/s up to several Gbit/s using a wide array of communication protocols (Ethernet, ATM...). Quadrax is the best electrical solution for: High speed electrical network applications, excellent network performances, crosstalk, return loss, high density of links, harsh environment use.

Typical network applications are 100Mbit/s Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 1394, Fibre Channel.

  • Front and rear removable versions available
  • Crimp and PC tail versions available
  • Standard #8 cavity insertion and removal tools
  • Ground connection of the cable braid to the shell possible through the external shell of the #8 contact
  • Compatible with star quad cable
  • Characteristic impedance of 100 Ohms