QGRIP Metal Breakout Kit

Product Description

The QPC QGrip Metal Breakout Kit provides a ruggedized solution to terminating distribution cables (for 900µm tight buffered cables only). Unique to QPC, the revolutionary metal construction of the breakout kit ensures the structural safety of each fiber within the assembly. The QGrip is available up to 24 fibers with 2mm or 3mm subunits with a standard length of 24”.

The QGrip comes with a standard red anodize finish, and can be customized based on customer requirements.

Features and Benefits
> 6 & 12 & 24 Fiber breakout kits
> 2mm & 3mm jacket sizes
> Metal body offers superior durability
> Fast on-site deployment
> Standard red anodize finish with 24” black breakout tubing legs
> Custom colors, breakout tubing and lengths available