Fiber Optic Connectors

Enhanced Hermaphroditic Tactical Connector

Product Description

4 Channel Count. Hermaphroditic Connector Style: 
Ideal for Military & Commercial Applications Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass Construction Second generation TFOCA connector, based on existing MIL-C-83526/16.

The QFoca Enhanced Hermaphroditic Tactical Connector is the second generation of the TFOCA* connector and is based on the MIL-C-83526/16 specification. QPC’s connector design enhances the optical, mechanical, environmental and functional performance to meet today’s demanding system requirements. New features include an optical interface with four standard 2.5mm ferrules. The front insert can be easily removed for field maintenance and cleaning. The ruggedized hermaphroditic design makes this connector ideal for field-deployable systems for Singlemode or Multimode applications.

Features & Benefits

4Ch / 12Ch / 12Ch Hybrid Hermaphroditic
> Physical Contact Connector System
> Plugs: Available with Hawke Glands and Wire Mesh
> Cable Grip Options
> Receptacles: Jam Nut and Flange Mount, with or without Backshells
> Cable OD up to 18.5mm
> Sealed to IP68
> Designed to MIL-DTL-83526/16 (Plug) & MIL-DTL-
> 83526/17 (Jam Nut Receptacle)
> Intermateability: Amphenol TFOCA-II, OCC TFOCA 2, Delphi DFOCA, Glenair GFOCA
> QFoca-EZ Version Compatible with OCC’s EZ-MATE Product Line